Leather solvent

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The leather solvent cleans and degreases your leather without damaging its surface. Leather is a living material that requires recurrent care to age correctly and preserve its original value. We want to offer you a product that is both easy to use and of professional quality.

Available volumes: 150 mL on request – 250 mL.

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Leather cleaning can sometimes require the use of a stripper. Indeed, some occasional stains may appear in the life of a piece of furniture, a car seat or a boat bench. If leather is not maintained and cleaned frequently, stains can stay forever! Over time, some residues can become permanently embedded in the material, becoming very resistant to conventional cleaning.

For this type of stain, our leather cleaner is the perfect way to get rid of it once and for all. Before starting a renovation operation of any leather support, it is necessary to go further than a simple cleaning with soap and brush. A proper cleaning of your leather with our leather solvent will sanitize and prepare your leather for the application of various maintenance products.

So to clean effectively without damaging your leather or altering its original color, CarrX stripper allows you to get rid of all the stains.



Pour CarrX leather solvent on a soft, clean cloth and apply it to the surface of the leather to be treated until the encrusted elements disappear.

Rinse the different residues with clear water, then blot with a clean cloth before letting the whole thing dry for a few minutes before moving on to the stage of nourishing the leather with our leather grease for example.

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