Leather cleaner

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  • Easy to apply thanks to its spray gun,
  • Formula specially thought for leather cleaning,
  • Soap without added solvent solution
  • Available in 250 mL and 1L single bottles or in packs of 6 bottles
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This Leather car cleaner is the perfect maintenance product. The longevity of leather depends essentially on the attention you give it through its care. Maintenance must be regular, because if you neglect it, it will be subjected to various aggressive and recurring effects such as friction, ultraviolet stress, and eventually will lose its shine, patina and become more fragile. A leather cleaning allows you to overcome these disadvantages, some of which are irreversible, as part of a regular and preventive maintenance process of all your leather supports. The CarrX range of car leather cleaner or liquid soap 250 mL – 1 L has been designed to provide you with a formidable efficiency dedicated to the cleaning of leather, without the addition of solvent solution, which is often abrasive for this type of material.

All leathers are concerned by our recommendations. Indeed, whatever their color (black, beige, white or brown), leathers get dirty naturally. Such as human skin, leather will impregnate and absorb all the agents with which it may come into contact. This is why a recurring use of car leather cleaner is so important.



Here are our tips for using our CarrX leather car cleaner:

  • Apply several sprays to the area to be cleaned with CarrX Car Leather Cleaner,
  • Clean with our hard bristle brush, making sure that there is always liquid soap between it and the material. Use gentle and preferably circular movements to clean every nook and cranny of your object,
  • Wipe off the residue of the operation with a white cotton cloth to prevent some of the dirty soapy water from drying on your material,
  • Repeat until the treated area is completely clean,

Apply a layer of nourishing cream after cleaning to obtain a supple and resistant leather.


Available individually or in packs of 6 (in 1 liter and 250 milliliter sizes).

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Weight 250 g

250 ml, 1 Liter, Lot of 6 – (250ml per bottle), Lot of 6 – (1L per bottle)


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