Leather cleaning brush

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Sold individually, the cleaning brush is the perfect tool for all your leather cleaning operations of the interior of your car, but also of your sofa, couch, jacket or leather bag. Combined with the CarrX leather cleaner, it is the best accessory to clean the leather in depth in an optimal way. Both flexible and robust, it is essential to take care of your surfaces.


The bristles of the leather car brush are mounted on a simple plastic base that ensures strength and durability. The bristles are flexible enough to prevent any scratches from forming during your cleaning.

The grip of the brush is ensured by the anti-slip side of the plastic base making it a professional leather accessory. To hang it up you can use the other side of the plastic support in which you will find a semi-circle pierced.

CarrX offers you the best products for your car or boat leather and items. No more dirty and soiled leather with the CarrX leather car brush!



To optimize the use and duration of our product, here are some tips to help you become a real professional:

  • You can use the brush dry or wet, prefer a spray application of leather cleaner or solvent directly on your leather.
  • Use circular motions and avoid linear motions. Also, don’t rush and let the cleanser do its work!
  • Apply light pressure on the brush when you use it. If the stain doesn’t go away directly, don’t apply more pressure or you’ll damage your leather by rubbing too hard. Spray some cleaner on the stain(s) and let it work for a few minutes before starting again.
  • Rinse your brush thoroughly with clear water after each use, this will prevent the quality of the bristles from deteriorating (e.g. stiffening)

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