Sanding paper (set of 3 sheets)

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Our sanding paper sheets are a great way to erase imperfections in your leather. Made to get into the corners and folds of the leather, our sanding paper sheets are suitable for all types of leather. Whatever the age, color and condition of the leather, you can use our product at your leisure without fear of damages.

Sanding paper sold in sets of 3 sheets with different grits.



Just like our thick leather sanding block and thin sanding block, the sanding paper sheets are a leather accessory to always have nearby. They will be the perfect complement to your leather specialist’s equipment.

Our products allow you to obtain an unequalled quality of rendering for all leathers. We also think about the profitability of the latter by offering you a very advantageous quality-price ratio. The sheets of sanding paper can be used several times before being changed.

The grain of each sheet of sanding paper is different. This way, we ensure that you can work on any situation. Whether you are dealing with thick, stiff, treated leather or a soft, supple surface, you will be able to adapt.

Similar to a car sanding paper, there is no risk of scratches or scuffs! You will be able to find dirt and other dried out excess in every corner of your leather pieces.

The leather sheets are easy to handle thanks to its non-abrasive face. You will be able to apply the pressure you want according to the needs of your leather. Like a car headlight sanding paper, you will be able to find a brand new leather.

Thanks to CarrX Distribution, you finally have total access to all the products of the leather craftsmen. We meet all your needs with our complete range of professional products. The sanding paper is sold in packs of 3 sheets that you can easily store in a cabinet or a tool kit.

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Weight 100 g
Sold in batches

Set of 3


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