Leather grease

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  • Intended for outdoor leathers,
  • Nourishes and protects the leather(s) in depth,
  • Completely colorless,
  • Easy application with a soft cloth
  • Available in 250 mL jars only or in sets of 6
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One of the best leather care products, the leather grease will allow you to maintain the life of your leather. Regular leather care often involves cleaning with our CarrX leather cleaner and hard bristle brush, followed by nourishing. Done one after the other, these two operations are the basis of leather care for a healthy and shiny leather. Thus, with a simple application using a soft cloth, the leather care grease will moisturize the material by penetrating it deeply, quickly, allowing it to keep its suppleness, while leaving a thin protective film protecting it from external aggressions. Avoid possible repair costs if your leather weakens. A hole or a tear in the leather can sometimes be irreparable, so do the right thing!



Using a soft cotton cloth, apply the leather care grease to the surface to be nourished, doing circular motions, first close together and then wider to spread the product evenly,

Rub” the surface with the cloth so that the care grease penetrates well, this step is crucial to ensure proper absorption of the product and its effectiveness,

Let it stand for a few minutes.

The use of the grease of care is recommended for outside leathers: shoes, leather goods, saddle of motor bike, jackets, gloves, saddle of horsemanship, saddlery boat, etc…

Available in 250 mL pot size only and in 6 x 250 mL packs, for more advice do not hesitate to ask our team of experts.

Additional information

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 8 × 7 cm

250 ml, Lot of 6 – (250ml per bottle)


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