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The classic sponge has been redesigned to facilitate the application of your CarrX Leather products, the solution for your leather and/or imitation leather support renovations.

It has got beveled edges, that give you access to creases and areas difficult to reach with a conventional sponge.

Available in set of 10 sponges or individually.


The CarrX sponge is the essential leather accessory for all your leather renovation, repair and leather pigmentation work. In addition to its shape, its texture is perfect to allow you to apply all types of products without holding them indefinitely in its cells. The CarrX leather interior car cleaner sponge is also rigid enough to be well held in your hand even when soaked in liquid. Easily wipe off the excess of products used during a pigmentation for example.

Our sponge does not remain dirty, it is easily washable with clear water and that will be useful in all imaginable situations with leather.

Of course, no risk of scratching your leather with the CarrX sponge. A true professional leather interior car cleaner.



Do not apply products directly on the sponge. The sponge will be used to spread the pigments or care products over the entire surface of your material. The sponge will gradually absorb the surplus of products to allow you to dispense them in the smallest corners.

For a homogeneous spreading on your surfaces, it is recommended to make circular movements at first close and then more and more ample. In this way, you can be sure that your cleaner or cream penetrates the leather in the most effective way. The latter is therefore perfect for the controlled application of nourishing creams.

For fresh stains, the sponge can also be used with clear water or liquid cleaner. Rub the stained surface lightly until the stain is completely removed.

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Weight 200 g
Sold in batches

Set of 10


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