Neoprene glue for leather

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Bostik neoprene glue for leather is CarrX‘s choice for all your hole and tear repair needs!

  • Exceptional grip strength,
  • Fast setting adhesive,
  • Resistant to moisture, frost, hydrocarbons, and acid
  • Tube of 50 grams sold by the unit


The neoprene-based universal glue, selected by CarrX Distribution for its many qualities, is a leather accessory with a strong adhesive power that allows it to be used mainly on materials subject to high tension.

Neoprene leather glue is the ideal solution for all your troubles. Tears, holes, and other scratches in leather will be a distant memory thanks to the strength of its adhesion. All types of leather can be repaired with the leather glue: buffalo leather, cow leather or calf leather.

With our product, you will be able to become a real leather expert! You will be able to repair and patch up your leather parts yourself. For more advice and details on how to use the neoprene leather glue, please consult the “advice for use” section or contact us directly.



For simple leather tears, without loose pieces, it is advisable to apply glue to both edges of the tear, remove the excess glue and keep pressing the two edges together for about ten minutes.

For large holes and tears, first place a piece of canvas or non-woven fabric under the piece of leather you wish to glue. This way, you will avoid getting glue on other parts of your leather.

Use a soft, easily machine-washable cloth or a soft spatula to apply and spread the glue over the entire surface of your addition piece or the torn part of your object.

Put your leather piece in place and press vigorously ensuring its placement in the desired location.

Press the piece for about 10 minutes or put a weight on it, to maximize the effectiveness of the neoprene leather adhesive.

Make sure the edges of your piece don’t come off and you’re done.

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Weight 300 g


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