Leather car seat side repair kit

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  • An all-in-one kit to overcome the signs of leather wear
  • Professional quality
  • Give a second life to your leather seat side
  • Kit for black leather, other colors on demand

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CarrX Distribution puts professional quality within your reach!

Give your black leather seat sides a new lease on life with the CarrX Leather Seat Side Renovation Kit by removing scratches, abrasions and other normal, yet often common signs of wear and tear. You now have all the products you need to perform a professional level renovation. With the leather seat side repair kit, take advantage of a selection of products, chosen for their quality and efficiency, and of a simple process to easily repair a black leather seat side: a fixative serving as a primer to fix the pigmentation that you will apply with the help of two sponges with a specially designed cutting shape to allow you an homogeneous and durable distribution.

With our kit you will have a like-new seat side. This kit is specially designed to renovate a complete seat side so that you don’t have to store product. No waste with our car seat leather sidewall renovation kit, the sponges can be reused later if they are kept clean after each use.

With our leather renovation, cleaning and maintenance kits, you finally have a professional quality product within your reach.

NB: Before any leather renovation operation, a cleaning of the area to be treated is mandatory to ensure the good fixation of your dye or to facilitate the application of a nourishing cream!

The Leather repair Kit for seat side contains: 1 coloring 10ml, 1 fixative 10ml, 2 sponges of application.

Color: black. Other colors available on request.

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Weight 450 g
Dimensions 10 × 4 × 16 cm


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