Leather car seat repair kit

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  • An all-in-one kit to renovate your car seat
  • Professional quality
  • Products specially designed for leather work

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The professional quality of our leather renovation, maintenance and cleaning kits is now within your reach with the CarrX leather seat renovation kit!

Discover how to give a second life to your car upholstery and renovate through a simplified process and with real professional products!

Enjoy a selection of products, chosen for their quality and effectiveness and get rid of scratches, rubbing and other signs of wear and tear of time, and a simple process to repair, renovate and repigment a leather seat with the renovation kit for leather seat: a fixative used as a primer to fix the pigmentation that you will apply with the help of the two sponges has the shape of cutting specially studied to allow you a homogeneous and durable distribution. The distribution of the different products (pigments, fixative, repair paste) is done with the sponge of the leather renovation kit, make slow and ample circular movements to spread correctly the different agents.

With the final addition of the repair paste, you will ensure that your leather stays healthy, with a beautiful shine for a long time. The Leather Car Seat Repair Kit is the perfect set of products for the recurrent maintenance of your vehicles of all ranges: vintage, collectible or not, our products are suitable for leathers of all ages.

NB: Before any leather renovation operation, a cleaning of the area to be treated is mandatory (see CarrX liquid leather cleaner) to maintain a good fixation of your pigment or to facilitate the possible application of a nourishing cream!

The Car Seat Renovation Kit contains: 1 black color 50 ml, 1 fixative 50 ml, 1 jar of repair paste 50 ml, 2 application sponges, 1 flexible application spatula, 1 brush.

Color : black. Other colors available on request, contact us at contact@carrx-distribution.com

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Weight 450 g
Dimensions 4 × 12,5 × 16 cm


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