Rigid spatula (set of 5)

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With the rigid spatula you can finally renovate your leather and apply all the care products you want. CarrX offers a complete range of leather accessories. With the rigid spatula, our offer is reinforced and gains in adaptability. With our spatula, aim for “zero waste”!

Spatulas sold in sets of 5.

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In contrast to our flexible spatula, the rigid spatula is designed and adapted to the application of all your leather preparations on flat and extensive areas. Thanks to its good grip and its rigidity, you will be able to press on the leather without difficulty to make penetrate effectively all your products.

With the proper distribution of your products, one of the first benefits is their economy, you will be able to make your stock last longer. Another benefit is the absorption of these products by the leather. Being an organic material, leather soaks up and absorbs all the chemical and natural agents it encounters if it is not effectively waterproofed.

By using our rigid spatula for the renovation of leather, you will ensure a homogeneous distribution on the surface of the latter. You will not have to face any surplus and other clusters of cleaning products. You will simply have to let the material dry and rest before using your leather object again.

Our expertise pushes us to provide you with tools always more adapted to the situations that you can meet. Therefore our spatula has a special shape, designed for the application of products on flat surfaces.

Before applying your various products, we strongly recommend that you clean your surfaces effectively with our natural leather cleaner.

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Weight 100 g
Sold in batches

Set of 5


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